They contain no synthetic colors, fragrance, chemicals

or preservatives. They are vegan and made without animal testing of ingredients or finished products.

Every item is hand made, using only organic therapeutic grade essential oils, filtered water, sea salt and eco-friendly glass bottles to create products of the highest purity possible.

But that is just the start.

At Ocean Blue Botanicals, we believe in

only creating products from natural, pure ingredients and organic essential oils. The purity of our products is our bottom line and our defining intention. 

About Us

We believe that nature and beauty go hand in hand, and our products are made with this in mind. We strive to hold nature and beauty in harmony in all that we do as a company, and hope our products bring you a sense of peace, well-being and joy.

Ocean Blue BotanicalsNature and Beauty in Harmony

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All Ocean Blue Botanicals Products are 100% Organic.