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“I have been using Luminate Misting Spray and just wanted to let you know that it is wonderful. It feels so refreshing and the scent is just so pure. I have been spraying the apartment, my mother, my son, my dog, and myself. It really enhances the whole notion of creating such a refreshing environment. I love the idea that my home has such a beautiful scent. Thank you for making these products.” - Viviana C., New York City, NY

“I have enjoyed your bath salts for a while and love how relaxing they are. Then I recently began using the sprays, and I love them too! Luminate reminds me of a beautiful, fragrant garden and Transcend smells like the air right after a rain- so fresh! I don’t have any kids, but I like Lullaby too- it makes me feel very grounded.”

- Alma M., NY, NY

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“I use the misting sprays to transition my space between therapeutic yoga sessions. Sometimes the air or energy seems stale or tired and the sprays instantaneously transform the room and make it fresh and clear. I am so excited to have an alternative to heavy oils with their lingering scents. The sprays dissipate quickly, leaving only  freshness, and I am reassured by the high quality of your ingredients. I also use the sprays for aromatherapy at the end of a session. They add another healing dimension to my practice.”  - Jennifer R., Jersey City, NJ

“Our whole family uses Transcend- don’t think we could get through the day without it! And Lullaby is a miracle for our teething baby!”  - Marie O., Austin, TX

“Transcend is a delightful and healing fragrance. Truly powerful.” - Joseph C., Austin, TX

“Lullaby is able to stop our four month old baby girl from crying instantly- she really loves it! It literally makes her laugh with joy when we spray it, and if she could ask for it by name, she would.  - Juliette M., San Antonio, TX

“Calms and awakens the mind at the same time. Able to clear away any bad energy from the day... it does indeed allow one to “transcend” all negative energy.”  - Daniel E., Boyertown, PA  (About Transcend)

“Your misting sprays are refreshing to the soul! Don’t know how I did without them all these years.”

- Edward J., NY, NY

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“I take my Ocean Blue Botanicals misting sprays with me when I travel. They are indispensable. Sometimes I can end up in a hotel room that just doesn’t smell right, or feel right. I mist the room, and the pillow. The calming scents of the misting sprays not only eradicate foul odors, but calm the anxiety I feel sleeping in a strange bed.

The effect of the misting sprays is long lasting, too, without being overpowering. The other day, I gave my office a couple of sprays. Hours later, a client came in and smiling, said, “It smells like summer in here.””

- Rose J., Portland, OR

“I wanted to tell you that when my daughter-in-law opened her gift of OBB bath salts, she lit up and said,

“My favorite!” She opened the bottle right away just to smell them. Thank you for making them!” - J.B., Babylon, NY

“I enjoy using Luminate at work. A few subtle sprays clear the stale office air and create a pleasant environment, enhancing both mood and concentration.” - Janet B., NYC, NY